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    By James Philip 

    Here’s a situation you may identify with, you have just created a column grid and the bubble heads and the gridline lengths are not uniform or you created the grid using the pick line option from an imported 2D plan. As shown below.

    So you edit all the lines to achieve the layout you require.

    However when you go to the next level the layout has only been partially updated.

    And if you have multiple levels this can be very time consuming to correct them.

    The solution to this problem is the Propagate Extents option. After completing the first level and your grid is exactly as you want it.

    Select all the grid lines, then if you look on the ribbon the Propagate Extents button will be active.

    When you choose it the following dialogue box will appear.

    Select all the levels you wish the grid layout to be transferred to and press ok. These will then be configured the same as the first level.

    If you do not see all of the Levels in the dialogue box ensure your gridlines extend beyond the level line in elevation. As shown below.


     This command also works with level lines in elevations.