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    By Kim Hyde 

    From time-to-time we become aware of issues where a customer is totally un-aware of files being checked-out of Vault, in some cases during site visits I have found the number of files currently checked –out by the `unknown’ has run into thousands!

    Cadline have published a number of Blogs regarding using the reporting tools available in Vault Workgroup and Vault Professional and I think you will find this report for detailing all files currently checked-out really useful.  Take a quick look at the following simple steps for creating your own reports.

    1. If you need a comprehensive report to detail `who’s working on what’ for the whole of the Vault database, then its best to select the Root ($) folder. For those using Inventor you should have a primary folder setup with the usual mapping set so that any sub-folders are accessible below this level.  In the following example this is simply named as `Workspace’: 

    2. To access the Reports Settings dialog, select the required folder from the upper window, followed by the Configure button, then the Browse files … button before selecting the OK button to generate the report. A number of `rdlc’ report template files are provided by default which are automatically available from the following directory: 

    C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Vault <version> 2015\Explorer\Report Templates 

    In my example I have edited the File Check Out By.rdlc file to add the company logo (always make a copy of any file before attempting an edit!).  You can add extra options for sub-folders, dependants and linked data if you wish. 

    The resultant report provides comprehensive listings with hyperlinks to data via the user list.

    On a final note, you can also save the report to a required format via the Export (floppy disk) button:

    Also see the following Cadline Community link regarding Chris Turner’s Blog on creating search folders to quickly locate files currently checked out: 


    Happy Vaulting!