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    By Martin Phelps 

    This tip may also work with older versions of Revit Architecture.

    Below is a wall with openings, a door and a few windows.

    The initial option to dimension the wall may be to select the “Linear” dimension tool from the “Annotate” tab, and individually dimension each section of wall and opening. However this would be a very time consuming process.

    So one way to reduce dimensioning time may be to use the “Aligned” dimension tool instead, but make a few changes to the setting before dimensioning the wall.

    Select the “Aligned” dimension tool from the “Annotate” tab in the ribbon menu, in the “Options Bar” by default this tool is set to “Wall Centrelines” and “Individual References”, note the “Options” button is greyed out.

    From the drop down option currently set to “Wall Centerlines”, select “Wall Faces” and from the “Pick” drop down select “Entire Wall”, note the “Options” button now becomes active.

    Select the “Options” button to display the “Auto Dimensions Options” dialogue box.

    Tick the “Openings” check box and select “Widths”.

    Select “OK” to confirm the changes, and select the wall.