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    By Miles Nicholson 

    An updated AutoCAD Electrical 2021 course is now available for users of AutoCAD Electrical entitled AutoCAD Electrical – Fluid Foundation Training (Pneumatic/Hydraulic/P&ID) 

    The details of the course are listed below and more information may be found on the www.cadlinetraining.co.uk website


    Objective of Course

    This course teaches the production of fluid Schematic Drawings using AutoCAD Electrical. Electrical schematics, pneumatic, hydraulic and P&ID schematics all represent the flow of power and though AutoCAD Electrical is primarily used for electrical schematics the principles are the same for fluid. With the use of a fluid symbol libraries we can produce fluid schematics in the same manner. Moreover, reports will automatically be generated such as Bill of Materials (in various formats), connection Lists, labels and other associated reports. 

    During the course, we work up at least one project from a blank starting point, and include during this project the generation of new symbol elements. It is an entirely practical course, with a hands-on-approach and you will be supplied a professional CAD computer to use to complete the course.


    Introduction / Overview

    • Introduction to the course
    • Overview of AutoCAD® Electrical
    • Overview of screen layout including ribbons etc.

    Company standards / template

    • Defining company and drawing standards
    • Creating a new project
    • Creating new drawings, including looking at drawing record card information and defining drawing types etc. 

    Drawing Production

    • Drawing single & multiple pipes
    • Insertion of Symbols
    • Numbering of pipes & components
    • Defining Installation and Location
    • Defining manufacturer and part number information
    • Cross referencing of components and pipes
    • Ballooning your parts


    • Creation of a drawing index
    • Insertion of a parts list in your schematic
    • Viewing some of the other reports within AutoCAD Electrical 


    • Organising your project into folders


    • Creation of a symbol
    • Building the symbol into the Icon Menu
    • Creation of a New Part within the Manufacturers Parts Database
    • Saving a circuit