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    How can I update the Help documents in MapThat?



    The links to help documents and help websites are controlled in the Help settings of MapThat Admin forms.

    In MapThat Admin Forms choose Web Page Layout > Help then choose to edit the specific Project that you wish to customise the help for.


    There are 4 available slots which can be used to link to help files and help websites.

    * SLOT CAPTION - this is the text that is displayed for the user to see

    * SLOT FILE - this is the link to the *icon used within the Help tool

    * SLOT URL - this is the link to the help *document or help website URL


    * The link to your help documents and help icons will utilise a virtual folder on the server PC that hosts MapThat. This will be defined in IIS, whereby there will be a virtual folder called MapThatDocuments and MapThatIcons. So if you need to edit the name or location of your help document or icon, simply edit the details of the file or folder after the virtual folder path:


    http://SERVER/MapThatDocuments/Latest Versions/MapThat_UserManual.pdf