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    By Kim Hyde

    Have you ever gone to use someone else’s PC and find their Windows Desktop is cluttered with a `Sea of Shortcuts’?  … it can be quite an emotive subject … some can get very particular about their Desktop shortcut arrangements!


    But there is an alternative at hand … why not de-clutter your Desktop and use Desktop Toolbars instead!  Here is my icon / shortcut – free Desktop brandishing an image from an Inventor Assembly.

    If you want to try this yourself, just following the simple steps below:-

    • Using Windows Explorer, create a suitably named folder on your C:-drive. As a tip, if you use an underscore (_) at the start of the folder name, it will always appear at the top of the folder list.  (For my example here I have created a folder name `_Autodesk_2015’).
    • Cut and paste the relative shortcuts from your Desktop into your new folder. (For my example, I have collected all my Autodesk 2015 apps).

    • Next, right-click over the Desktop Task Bar and select Toolbars > New Toolbars

    From the `New Toolbar – Choose a Folder’ dialog, select your newly created / populated folder.


    • Job done! … The Toolbar will appear on the Task Bar. When ready just select the shortcut you need from the pop-up selection.



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