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    By John Flanagan 

    About Applying a Function to a Layer of a Compound Structure


    You assign each layer a specific function so the layer can join to its corresponding functional layer. Layer functions have an order of precedence.

    Rules for Layer Joins

    • The structure layer has the highest priority, Priority 1.
    • Finish 2 has the lowest priority, Priority 5.

    Figures 1 & 2 below show before and after wall clean up views where an internal party wall meets an external cavity wall.

    In Figure 1, the blockwork in the party wall doesn’t heal with the blockwork in the cavity wall and the cavity layers don’t connect either. To blend the respective layers together at the wall T junction change the function priority settings to match those shown below and then the wall junction should look like figure 2.

    Remember to click each wall in turn, go to edit properties and then edit structure, then change the function settings to match those shown in the two dialogue boxes below.