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    By Chris Turner 

    From time to time I sometimes want to duplicate my folder structure quickly, so I can have the same folder structure for the next project I am using. If you need to do this in Vault, there is of course a great tool available to do this directly using the Cadline VTOOLS! However, if you don’t have Vault or VTOOLS, here is a manual way to do this using Windows Explorer and the Command Shell.

    Follow these easy steps and do the following:-

    In Windows, Open a Command Prompt (CMD from the Windows Start Menu) and navigate to the Windows Explorer folder that you wish to copy.

    Type the following at the command line and press Enter: -


    The command line switches are:-

    /T= Copies directories but not files

    /E= Includes empty folders

    /I= Do not prompt for destination and assume everything are directories 

    In my example I used this:-


    I now have an exact copy of the folder structure from MY_STRUCTURE_1 to MY_STRUCTURE_2 

    In my case I also wanted to populate Vault with this structure, so I can simply just drag n drop the top level folder from Windows Explorer into Vault.

    Useful, simple and very quick to do J

    Make sure you look out for my next blog which I will show how our Cadline VTOOLS can do this also very easily directly inside Vault Professional!