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    By Kim Hyde 

    Talking to customers using AutoCAD as their engineering 2D drawing application, I often find that they are unaware of what AutoCAD Mechanical can do for them.  I have found some sites that have AutoCAD Mechanical installed, but use `dear old’ plain / Vanilla AutoCAD by preference!  The truth is if you are not using this application as your preferred 2D engineering draughting package … you are definitely missing out! 

    AutoCAD Mechanical provides a plethora of draughting automation, component generation and design calculations.  It can also easily provide structured assemblies with dynamically linked parts lists.


    If you are interested in learning more about the product, or wish to raise your AutoCAD skills as an engineering application, please give one of our Cadline Manufacturing Team a call on 01293 774442. 

    For Autodesk’s AutoCAD Mechanical overview of the product, visit the following link: