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    By Geoff Woodhead 

    I’ve been able to spend some more time in the Geotechnical Module recently and am still impressed. I did run into a small issue recently though where after importing my data and trying to access the Borehole or Strata Manager I received the following error message as shown in fig. 1 below.

    Fig 1. 

    To give you some background the data I was trying to load was from a GEOL and a HOLE csv file. Strange I thought to myself, as I could quite clearly see the ‘sticks’ that were generated from the import procedure, and I had received no errors until trying to access the Borehole or Strata manager.

    A bit of digging showed that this was a fairly common issue and one related to the application that originally created the GEOL.csv and HOLE.csv files. It turns out that they were not correctly encoded as ANSI. This makes the fix pretty simple. If you too are getting this message when importing to the Geotechnical Module from csv files all you need to do is open the two csv files in your favourite text editor and resave the files, this time ensuring that the encoding is set to ANSI as shown in fig. 2 below (if it displays as being ANSI choose save anyway as this will rectify the issue).

    Fig 2. 

    Having resaved the files it is necessary to reimport the files. This time selecting the Borehole or Strata Manager will correctly display the relevant information. Success!