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    By David Gate

    Inventor 2015 Service Pack 1 Update 2 greatly improves some performance issues.

    When creating and placing drawing views, Inventor 2015 should be the most efficient and fastest version of Inventor yet.

    Autodesk worked hard to improve the performance of Inventor over the last few releases and if you have been keeping track of the “What’s New” documents and blogs you will have seen this. 

    But we have had a few reports from customers of ours who have been experiencing really slow performance and issues when working with drawings in Inventor 2015 when compared to previous versions. Inventor just seemed to think long and hard about drawing view creation, scale changes and many other simple drawing tasks.

    We checked all the usual things, Service Pack 1 was installed, graphics drivers up to date, 3D mice drivers upto date, part complexity, new and old drawings tested etc but nothing solved the problem.

    The issue boiled down to the “Design Data” being stored on a network location instead of locally (the way that most multi user environments are setup).

    As it turns out it was a known issue that has long been solved. Inventor 2015 Update 2 for Service Pack 1 came out in January and fixed this issue, among a few other drawing performance related issues.

    So the moral of the story, if you experience really slow performance issues with Inventor 2015 make sure you first have the latest Update installed, not just the latest Service Pack.


    This Update requires that you install Service Pack 1 prior to installing the update so if you have yet to install that you from the Autodesk.com download site or from your Application Manager.



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