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    By Dennis Collin 

    Makes view replication, and application of display controls so much easier.

    The standard way of duplicating working views to Profile Plans, Reinforcement plans or Posttension plans etc. is by selecting one view at a time to duplicate and then apply a view template afterwards and then rename the view to an appropriate name.

    This App makes this process much more straightforward. Upon starting the App you can select the views to duplicate and pick a suitable view template, the App will then duplicate views, apply the chosen template and also rename duplicated views and rename the Title on the sheet, if desired.

    The application works for all versions of Revit including 2015 R1 and the subscription R2 release.

    In the given example below, the view browser is organized by Folder group “ProjectViewCategory” and then by “ProjectSubCategory”.

    The App is free to download for all subscription users here.


    It works quite well on Revit 2015 R2, although there are a few niggly spelling errors on some of the confirmation dialogue boxes. Already spelt inccorectly for example. But otherwise the coding works very well so I will forgive those minor issues.

    Hyder consulting also have written some other useful utilities like the Coordinate tool for revit Structural Columns and Foundations. Which is also available to download from the subscription area.




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