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    By Andy Davis

    AutoCAD Plant 3D 2015 Extension 1

    The recently launched Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D 2015 Extension 1 is an extension to AutoCAD Plant 3D 2015 that adds the following functionality:

    • Revamped Vault implementation
    • Isometric configuration improvements

    Both enhancements have been keenly anticipated and the Vault improvements in particular greatly enhance the data management workflow.

    Compatibility with AutoCAD Plant 3D 2015

    Non-vault projects and drawings created with AutoCAD Plant 3D 2015 Extension 1 are compatible with AutoCAD Plant 3D 2015 (non-subscription). No migration is required to work with projects in AutoCAD Plant 3D 2015 Extension 1. However for vault projects, if you use AutoCAD Plant 3D 2015 Extension 1 to check in files you should no longer use AutoCAD Plant 3D 2015 (non-subscription) with that project.

    Isometric Improvements (Isos)


    Autodesk Vault Projects

    New features for vault projects include:

    • Partial Workspace (DWG files do not need to be downloaded locally)
    • Improved Get / Check Out dialogs (Cleaner and less intrusive)
    • Plant Vault Options dialog box (Synchronization settings and Disable Plotting at check-in)
    • Root-level Project Management (Check In all, Get / Check Out all)
    • Synchronization Balloons (Simple way to keep up to date with other user check-ins)
    • Multi-office support (Vault replication)
    • Vault folder support for projects (Root-only is no longer required).

    SQL Server Database Name

    SQL Server setup now has a Test Name button.

    The default database name is now based on the host computer name and project name, allowing the database administrator to more easily identify which plant project the SQL Server database belongs to.

    This applies to all SQL Server projects, not just vault projects.




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