Revit MEP 2015 - Customize System Types

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By James Philip

Customize the type parameters for a system type, including graphical overrides, materials, calculations, abbreviation, and rise/drop symbols. You can customize parameters for the default system types (supply, return, and exhaust air), as well as any new system types you create.

Edit graphical overrides

You can customize graphical overrides to control the colour, line weight, and line pattern for the collection of objects assigned to a system of that type. The graphical overrides apply to the project, and are not view-specific like filters.

  1. Right-click a system type, and click Type Properties.
  2. In the Type Properties dialog, under Graphics, for Graphic Overrides, click Edit.
  3. In the Line Graphics dialog, for Lines, specify Weight, Colour, or Pattern. Click OK.

Graphical overrides for a system are prioritized between Phasing and Filters. Weight, colour, and line pattern per system type will override the settings per category. However, a view filter always takes precedence over the settings in the system graphical overrides.

The table below summarizes the prioritization for graphical overrides.

Enable performance mode for duct and piping systems

Use the Performance mode to improve Revit's performance when editing large MEP system networks.

Note: This option is available only if you have installed Autodesk Revit Update Release 3.

  1. Use the Tab key to select the system that you want to modify. Alternatively, you can select a duct or pipe assigned to the system and click the Duct/Piping System tab on the ribbon.

Note: Use the Project Browser to modify the system types as needed. Navigate to Families > Duct Systems > Duct System or Families > Pipe Systems > Pipe System, and expand the system node. Select the desired system type, right click, and click Type Properties.

  1. To edit the properties of the system type, on the Properties palette, click Edit Type.
  2. For the Calculations parameter, select Performance and click OK.

System propagation is disabled on every system in the project that uses that system type. All other systems will remain as before.

  1. To enable system propagation again, specify a different setting for the Calculations parameter.

Note: The following are limitations when using the performance option:

    • The Duct/Pipe Sizing tools are not available for systems where the Calculations parameter is set to Performance.
    • When the Calculations parameter is set to Performance, the field in the Type Properties will display as empty when the model is opened in a version of Revit 2015 prior to Update Release 3.
    • You can use the Calculations field in schedules. However, a system schedule showing the Calculations field may not display correctly if opened in a version of Revit 2015 prior to Update Release 3.

The table below lists the Calculations options that are available for each system classification.


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