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    As you may be aware if you are an existing Maintenance Subscription Customer, Autodesk is retiring Subscription Centre and replacing it with Autodesk Account

    Those of you that are currently using Desktop Subscription will have already experienced the ease of use, improved functionality and reporting tools available in this system and as of March 13th 2015 all Maintenance Subscription customers will also experience these superior services. 

    Autodesk Account will become the single location for you to manage and use products, services and benefits. If you are a Desktop, Maintenance, product only or a combination of all three you can view all your information in one place.  

    This change will not affect any of your Subscription benefits, if anything Autodesk Account allows you better visibility of these and quicker access, as well as a complete snapshot of your licence base.

    Important Note 

    The first time the Contract Manager or Software Coordinator logs into Autodesk Account on or after the 13th March it is imperative that they go to the User Management Tab to confirm all roles and permissions are set properly so Users can have access to their benefits.

    Secondly, it is important to go to the Profile Tab to confirm your language preference as this ensure consistency of language for ongoing communications.

    We will produce How To guides for Autodesk Account nearer the time, to guide you in step by step instructions How to..

    • Download Software
    • Access Product Enhancements
    • Request previous and home use licences
    • Manage access and permissions
    • Track licences

    All of these will be available on the Subs Zone, Cadline’s information centre of everything Subscription related allowing you to maximise your Subscription benefits. 





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