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    By Kim Hyde

    Autodesk Vault 2015 – Synchronizing 2D and 3D File Properties

    For those using file-centric workflows with Autodesk Vault Workgroup or Vault Professional, it is important that the common properties for 2D and 3D files remain synchronized with common values.

    In the following example, the Autodesk Inventor iProperty `Description’ has been set that it requires a value. (Using a compliancy check for when passing files to a `Released’ state, this is a great way to ensure data consistency).

    However, the following Vault Explorer view of an Inventor part and the associated drawing shows an inconstancy between the 2D and 3D files where the drawing iProperty `Description’ has no value:

    This can simply rectified by applying a document setting to the Inventor 2D drawing file to use the selected iProperty from the 3D part.  (Using Inventor select Tools > Document Settings > Drawings Tab).  Obviously more properties can be selected as required.


    By ensuring this setting is applied to your drawing template, all newly created files will operate in the same way and remain synchronized with identical values when checked into Vault.


    Happy Vaulting!



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