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    By Miles Nicholson 

    The wire number from a source-arrowed wire network copies to all associated destination-arrowed wire networks. The source arrow is effectively where the flow starts so this can be linked to a destination arrow that is in any direction within your project. The wire connecting to the source arrow will be the wire that is numbered whilst the wire connecting to the destination arrow will assume the same wire number as the source.

    If you have made a mistake in the direction of the flow, you can toggle the source and destination arrows after you have placed them by using the Swap/Update Block command available from the schematic ribbon > Edit Components panel.

    There are different types of arrows used and the naming of the blocks specifically relates to the arrow type. As an example, type 1 arrows will have a block naming convention of the following:

    Source arrows are the following assuming type 1:


    Right                                      HA1S1

    Left                                        HA1S3

    Top                                        HA1S2

    Bottom                                  HA1S4


    Destination arrows follow the same naming convention but:


    Right                                      HA1D1

    Left                                        HA1D3

    Top                                        HA1D2

    Bottom                                  HA1D4


    When you use the Swap/Update Block command, select swap a block one at a time and browse for the block as the symbols aren’t in the icon menu.

    The following video shows you how this can be done:



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