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    By Miles Nicholson 

    Changing the Default Zoom in the Surfer

    To change the surfer zoom ratio:

    Open your DWT template border or a specific drawing such as a panel layout within a specific project

    Set ATTMODE = 2

    Select Conversion ribbon tab > Tools panel >  XDATA Editor and select the WD_M block (positioned at 0,0)

    Add New

    Add VIA_WD_SURF_ZOOM and set the required zoom level in the Value field. The normal zoom ratio is set at 2 (64 if metric). A larger value will zoom out more.

    Set ATTMODE = 0

    Once you have added the xdata, the easiest way to set the zoom rather than defining a specific number is to use the Zoom In / Zoom Out buttons and then to select Zoom Save once you are happy with the zoom ratio