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    By Martin Phelps 

    This one’s quick and simple but can be a useful tip. To change the dimension text, simply double click on the dimension text, the “Dimension Text” dialogue is displayed as below.

    The dimension text can be completely replaced with text specified by the user. Select the radio button “Replace With Text” and type in the required text in the now active field, and “Apply”.

    However the dimension text can always be reverted back to the original by selecting the radio button “Use Actual Value” the “Replace With Text” Field now becomes greyed out.

    Below this section are the “Text Fields” allowing more specific text to be included, placing additional text both “Above” and “Below” the change of text.

    Notice that both the “Prefix” and “Suffix” fields are greyed out, switching back to “Use Actual Value” will active these fields, allowing a “Prefix” and a “Suffix” to be added.

    If in this case the wall length was to change the dimension will take on the new value, but the text modifications will remain.