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    By Kim Hyde 

    If you have recently upgraded your Inventor or perhaps AutoCAD to the current 2015 only to find that the application freezes with the `eternal spinning donut’, you may have an issue with your domain environment blocking access to a Web browser task.

    To get past the problem, open the Windows Task Manager and end the following process that is listed via the Process tab: 

    `AdCefWebBrowser.exe *32’


    After ending the task Inventor should continue to open normally.  As a work around to prevent this happening each time you start Inventor, turn of the `Show My Home on startup’ by un-ticking the selection on the General tab of Inventor’s Application Options.


    You may also want to investigate any anti-virus settings deployed on the domain that may be blocking the Web browser.

    Also see the Autodesk Discussion Group link:   http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/inventor-general-discussion/inventor-2015-pro-my-home-startup-freeze/td-p/4997544