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    By Liam O'Connor 

    Using blocks is a great way of working with data in AutoCAD as it allows fast repetition of data. Building on that premise you can added Attributes and Fields in to your blocks for extra functionality so that your using not just graphical data but also data within the object themselves.

    In the first of my 2 part video blog I use the “Point” tool to add Points into my Foundation block. Points have properties that can report their location within model space in the X,Y,Z coordinate, so by using fields and attributes I can “pull” through this data to show within my foundation block.

    This becomes very useful when you create Named Views and Custom UCS systems in AutoCAD. In the second video blog I set up 3 Named views and Custom UCS systems to help create exact Northing and Easting Model space systems. This then allows you to work to True North setting as well as Project North setting.




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