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    How do you control the visibility and order of tools in MapThat?



    There are options to define the order and the access to tools in both the Project and the Role settings for MapThat. However, to successfully manage your tools visibility and order on the toolbar follow the rules below:

    Tool Visibility: is defined by the USER ROLE.  To edit a 'Roles' access to a tool, choose: User Security > Add/Edit Roles. From the 'Role Tools' tab tick or untick the 'Access' box to the right of each tool to decide the tools which should be visible to any users with that Role.
    Tool Order: is defined by the PROJECT.  To edit a Project, choose Project Data > Projects. Find the Project, and under the 'Project Tools' tab you can edit the order of each tool by specifying a number in the 'Tool Order' box to the left of each tool. Tools will be aligned from left to right across the screen dependent on the number chosen.





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