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    By David Gate 

    How to install Buzzsaw Project Sync for Vault Professional 2015

    With a license of Vault Professional you are also entitled to a license of Buzzsaw.

    Buzzsaw allows you to share and collaborate your data with others via the cloud. Better supporting BIM and/or Digital Prototyping processes and workflows across companies and geographies. The best thing is Buzzsaw provides you web and mobile access to files when not connected to your local network by securely connecting project data to the Buzzsaw cloud.

    There is also a useful add-in for the Vault Professional Client which enables you to on demand or automatically sync files from your Vault up to your Buzzsaw site. Linking to two products together, meaning your latest controlled documentation or design data is available to those who need it.

    Pre Vault Professional 2015 you would need to have download the Buzzsaw Project Sync tool from the following site.


    As you can see there are links for the previous versions but no 2015 download option.

    For Vault Professional 2015, Buzzsaw Project Sync 2015 is included with your install media so no extra download is required. To install it just follow this simple steps.

    First run up your client installer on the PCs which you want, (make sure the client is closed) and then pick “Install Tools & Utilities”

    You will then see Buzzsaw Project Sync.

    Install this and then in your Vault Client you will see the useful Buzzsaw tools.

    On the toolbar

    And under “Actions”

    Before you use these though you will need to configure your Vault so that it maps and logs into your Buzzsaw site. You can configure these settings under “Tools” > “Project Sync Settings”

    If you do not have a site already then head over to


    and create a new site as a trial.

    Once your trial site is up and running you can authorise it via a Buzzsaw Benefit Form, on your subscription center page.

    If you plan to have files automatically uploaded to Buzzsaw using a lifecycle transition you will want to make sure you install the following update.


    More help can be found on the installation, configuration and use.

    Install Help.


    Project Sync Help.





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