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    by Dennis Collin

    Enhance your building model visuals from AutoCAD, Revit or 3ds Max with people and background clutter. Archvision has now made bespoke visuals even easier to achieve by being able to create your own RPCs with RPC Creator!


    From cute little puppies to….


    Recently a brand new RPC Creator tool has been integrated with ArchVision Dashboard. With the new and improved RPC Creator for Dashboard you can easily drag & drop any 32-bit PNG or TIFF image onto Dashboard and within seconds convert it to an RPC element. RPC Creator automatically creates the custom preview and icon geometry for you!


    This RPC Creator is still in Beta development, but it works very well with sample images located from popular search engines like Google and Bing.

    With RPC Creator you're only limited by your creativity. Refer to the examples below to see how easy it is to produce busy renderings! If you don't have Dashboard installed you can grab it, free of charge, now!


    Birds soaring in the sky..


    Obviously a license is required to use both the stock library of RPC elements and your bespoke elements. Missing or incorrectly configured license files will result in the Archvision logo being superimposed on your content.



    Creating an RPC element is very simple, locate your image and then drag it onto the Drop Zone in the Create Section of the Dashboard. An RPC component is created automatically. A current limitation seems to be that these RPC elements are 2D only which means they will always face a camera in a 3D application like AutoCAD, Revit or Max.


    Once the RPC component has been created drag the icon from your dashboard into your application. Your application plug-in should do the rest. Dependant on your net connection speed you may have to wait a few seconds for your system to ‘catch up’

    The cost of RPC is around the £200 for an annual subscription, but it does let you have unlimited access to all RPC content. Standard and Bespoke. You should also be able to use it from different applications, including non-Autodesk applications like Rhino, Microstation and Photoshop.

    To download the RPCPlug-ins and Dashboard and to be able to read up on other information you can visit here , the main Archvision website.



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