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    By Andy Davis 

    It’s been a while since I posted an article about AutoCAD P&ID, but I’ve just stumbled across the solution to an issue that has been bugging me for ages. 

    That is, if I need to create a new style of annotation to display only a part of the tag string of a component, then that annotation style does not appear as an option in the Assign Tag Window.

    Annotation Block

    For example, if I create a new annotation style – I’ll call it My Tag – and define the annotation block to contain attributes for the Type and Number property field values, this style does not appear in the Assign Tag Window.


    It turns out that the reason for this is that AutoCAD P&ID is looking for annotation styles that contain within their annotation blocks an attribute definition that includes the value #(TargetObject.Tag).

    To resolve the issue, the workaround is to simply add into the block an attribute definition that contains #(TargetObject.Tag) and prevent it from displaying by setting its Invisible property to Yes.

    The modified annotation style then appears.



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