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by Justin Doughty

There are now many ways to transfer or store files too large to attach to an email. Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive or you may even have a FTP site.

Autodesk provide their own free cloud service A360 Drive. This lets you store, share and even view files online. Some of the Autodesk products even let you backup your files and settings to A360 Drive.

I thought I would show a quick demonstration of how easy it is to send a file to someone via A360 Drive.

So first you need to login to A360 Drive:

Most Autodesk users will already have created a login at some point, however it is free to create a new account.

Here you can create folders, subfolders and upload files. Click Upload to select the file to copy to A360 Drive:

Either in the folder view above or viewing the document select Actions> Share> Private Sharing:

Then just add the email address of the person you wish to share the file with, set their access level and type a message:

Your contact will then receive an email inviting them to view the file:

This process can be done on a single file or even a whole folder, allowing you to share and give access in various ways. This also means the invited user can view the file online through their browser, without needing any software.

With the built in viewing of documents, and an ever increasing list of formats accepted, this is the most flexible solution for viewing and sharing Autodesk files.

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