Revit 2015 - Alternative use for Mullions

Zen Admin
Zen Admin

by Justin Doughty

I’ve recently been experimenting with some various “alternative” uses for Revit elements. One of these is Curtain Wall Mullions.

Using the Empty Curtain Wall type with Empty Panels, lets you make the Mullions form the basis for your curtain wall or sloped glazing roof.

All you need to do is create a new mullion type and define a new profile, this can be applied in various ways, as repeating detail or spaced items.

Below is a very basic example, showing Mullions used as a corrugated roof and as wooden panels:

However with a little more time, on a more detailed example, you can produce something like the below Louvre Cladding:

This can even be incorporated into my previous Slope Glazed Curtain Ceiling:

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