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By Luke Davenport

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged – just a quick one I’m afraid, and a little frivolous! While racking my brains for Christmas gifts to buy for my niece and nephew, I thought to myself ‘Why not use my expensive Inventor software to generate some technical art for the kids’. Man hours required = 2. Financial Cost (for printing some small posters) = £1. Kudos with the niece and nephew? Priceless.



  • Decide on a suitable hobby/passion to immortalise for your loved one (talking to them may make this easier). In my case it was easy – My Niece Tam is into drums, and my nephew Jabez is into guitars.
  • Download some models from GrabCAD to avoid having to model up an entire fighter jet for instance!
  • Customize the models. Perhaps emblazon a logo with your loved one’s name on the model, or use their initials. Or in my case – personalise a well-known drum company’s logo to form my niece’s name. Classy.
  • Get a decent perspective view and a white background in Inventor.
  • Switch the view type (I like ‘Wireframe with Hidden Edges’ with shadows switched on for an interesting look.
  • Export the image or take a screenshot.
  • Print and frame.
  • Enjoy either rapturous acclaim for your technical prowess, or stunned silence because they were really after the latest Call of Duty game.


Here’s my finished results.