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    by David Gate

    How often do you get sent or do you use PDFs of drawings?

    How often do you need to send feedback to the creator but have no way of editing the PDF as you do not own full Acrobat.

    Well Autodesk Design Review can open up PDFs and will allow you to use all the markup tools included. Anyone with an Autodesk Product installed will already have Design Review installed alongside. If you don’t have it then it is free and can be downloaded from here


    Very handy indeed for a free product. It also can open many other formats for markup, not just PDF and DWF.

    Once you have finished your markup, you can save it as a DWF or DWFX (dwfx can be opened in IE, Chrome etc without the need for Design Review). This will allow you to edit or change your markup in the future.

    But if you want a to send back another PDF then use the Print command and pick your PDF Printer.

    Maybe in the future you could consider using DWF format for all your interchanges instead of PDF? The markups can included tracking, accomplishment dates, comments and more.

    There are also a few options on the conversion settings when bringing in a pdf to be aware of if the resolution is critical.



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