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    by David Gate

    Do you feel any of the below about Inventor?


    I am missing that all important feature.


    The current feature I use regularly needs improving.


    My current workflow is slow with too many steps / over complicated / not useable due to the software


    Something is infuriating me!!!!


    Well then there is an answer to those questions, and it’s called Inventor Ideastation.




    Inventor Ideastation is an Autodesk Community for posting feature ideas, requests, improvements and more.


    Inventor is usually released every spring and with every new release comes a host of exciting features and other improvements. Many of these features originate from Ideastation. Autodesk take the requests on Ideastation very seriously at the beginning of the next development cycle for Inventor. They don’t magically pull all the feature ideas out of thin air themselves, they look to the customers for feedback and direction, what is the industry doing, what do our users want??


    And Ideastation is your chance to do that, I would seriously recommend you go onto the Ideastation, you will see loads of great ideas for more improvements, if you particularly like an idea give it some Kudos. The more Kudos an idea gets the more seriously Autodesk take it into account for future development.


    If you answered any of my original questions get onto Ideastation, search with a few key words and see if anyone else has a similar request, it is quite likely. If not, write up your own idea and if it’s a good idea watch the Kudos roll in and then maybe a future release of Inventor will include your idea.


    If just suggesting a new idea is not quite enough then the Beta portal takes you one step further into the development of Inventor. Join the Beta portal and get access to test versions of the next release. Take a sneak peak at the new features and improvements, test them out, offer feedback, report bugs found and help the next release be the best yet. A word of warning though, these beta’s are still “Work In Progress” they are not full releases and cannot be used for your daily job. They are for evaluation, testing and feedback purposes only, but it is still great to play around with the next release months before it is due out!





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