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    by Liam O'Connor

    With BIM you build twice and construct once , once virtually and once in reality, so as part of any BIM workflow the key is communication and collaboration, using Revit and Navisworks really helps this process come true. Creating a 4D simulation using Navisworks from your Revit model is a fundamental workflow which will give all parties of the Project Team access and input in to the Design and Construction.
    In the first of the following 3 Video’s I create “Clearances” around objects in the model which can be used in your construction documentation and in your Navisworks model for Clash detection.
    In Part 2 I then create a view and a view template in the Revit model for the sole purpose of exporting to Navisworks. Part 3 concludes with creating parameters in the Revit model which can be used for adding data from a construction plan in to your model. Using the Timeliner function in Navisworks you can very quickly “link” the data from the exported Revit model to the construction plan all within Navisworks for your 4D simulation.
    Check out my 3 part video series here:



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