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    by Stuart Tanfield

    Something that has come up recently a couple of times, which has prompted me to write this blog, has been the ability to spread schedules across multiple sheets.

    If we take a door schedule (this could be windows, columns, rooms, anything really), you will find that sometimes the door schedule will be too big to fit on to one sheet. The only way around this is to split the schedule up.

    The first step in doing this is to go to the properties of the schedule. By default, you will see that in this schedule, all our doors are displayed.

    Go into your schedule view, Click on the Filter radio button.

    Now we are going to apply a filter to the schedule. I have Mark (Door Number), included within my schedule and this is the parameter that I am going to base my filter around.

    1. Filter the schedule by Mark in the pulldown.
    2. In the pulldown for the rule to apply, we are going to use Is Less Than
    3. Finally we are going to specify the number the Mark needs to be Less Than, and this is 87 (Half the number of doors I have in my model)
    4. Click Ok.

    You should now find your schedule is reduced in size, you should now be able to fit this onto your sheet.

    The next step is to create another door schedule showing the other half of our doors.

    First rename the schedule, in this case Doors 1-87.

    Right click on your schedule from your project browser>Duplicate.

    This will now give you an exact copy of the schedule

    Rename this schedule to Doors 88-172


    Go into the schedule Doors 88-172 and click on the Filter radio button.

    Now we simply change the rule to Is Greater Than Or Equal To, everything else remains the same.

    Click OK.

    You will now find your schedule will display the other half of your doors.

    Simply place onto your sheet.