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    by Stuart Tanfield

    So having spent most of the week in Kings Lynn, this meant that the time I have had free this week has been minimal. Having said this, I spent an hour or so on Monday on the helpdesk offering additional help to Trevor Clayton. In that hour window, a query came in regarding AutoCAD.

    Can I create a block that will report the co-ordinates of drawing?

    Trev and I both thought about the theoretic side of this for a while. Trevor, who uses AutoCAD Civils 3D has never required the use of this in AutoCAD as Civils 3D does this as part of its basic functionality, and now that I predominately use Revit, we have the same sort of tool in Revit.

    Stepping back to the issue, after some deliberation it struck us, ATTRIBUTE DEFINITIONS!!! We simply created a block (this could be a point that you can turn off using DDPTYPE).

    Once the block had been created, we went to the block editor and typed ATTDEF. This enabled us to provide an attribute to the block to read the X & Y co-ordinates of the block.

    It was fairly simple once we had managed this, but it's just knowing what to use



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