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    by Trevor Clayton

    So the latest version of the Infraworks software was released earlier this month. I have to say that it is a piece of software that is maturing well and appears to be on quite an aggressive development track. Which is all good news for the users. It also includes a number of previews as well.

    If you get chance you should take a look at the Model Builder Preview, it now has global coverage and to test it I built a model of my local area. I coupled that with a load of free downloaded models of specific buildings such as The Spinnaker Tower  in Portsmouth. It takes a quick search of the internet to find a whole host of free models to add to your scenario.



    Even a model of the awesome Fratton Park (that may well be an over statement). The point that I am trying to make is that this is all free data. So when you start doing some conceptual designs or work for tender documents, presentations and the like, Infraworks should be your first stop. 




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