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    by Trevor Clayton

    I have recently been experiencing some random software crashes on start-up of AutoCAD Civils 3D, it coincided with the installation of Infraworks R2 whether they are connected or not i am not sure but the reply from Autodesk, below, was to update the GeoTechnical Module, have to say it seems to have worked, fingers crossed,

    We have already addressed this issue! It’s caused by one of the plugins named Geotechnical Module. The plugin has been designed to ease the task of creating and viewing geological and subsurface information. You can get more details on its Help menu item on the ribbon panel. 

    And the solutions are :


    • If you don’t need this functionality at all, you can just go to the control panel as shown below to uninstall it and restart C3D, it should be all set.
    • If you do need this and have a Subscription account you can download latest GeoTechnical Module installer which contain the fix for this issue from our subscription center and install it, it should also be ok.
    • If you do need this but don’t have a Subscription account, you can temporary disable this functionality by renaming it. You can just rename the folder

    C:\Program Files\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\AutodeskGeotechnicalModule.bundle



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