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    by Trevor Clayton

    For once I have a bit of a catch up week  this week, going to rebuild the laptop in preparation for the next release and also work on creating some data and exercises for upcoming courses that I have in my diary, what’s the betting that when I rebuild the laptop I will lose some important data, just bound to happen, anyway whilst helping out with a support question last week, How can I create points at various places along a corridor? As usual there are a couple of methods and the one I find easier is:

    Above is just an image of a standard corridor.

    Select the corridor and go to the Contextual Ribbon and drop down the Launch Pad

    You will see the option Points from Corridor, select this and a dialog box will open.

    You now have the opportunity to select your corridor code which you want points along also and I highly recommend that you add them to a new point group that way you can label the points and also if you right click on the new point group can export them to a CSV.



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