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    by Trevor Clayton

    Well the last month has been a busy one with the Infrastructure Suite being released, although be aware that the UK version isn’t released until the end of the month. In my opinion it is a great move by Autodesk to bring all those products under one roof and give users lots of extra useful tools and software to use, I will try over the coming months to dip into all of the products contained in the suite, to give you a taster of what you have at your disposal.

    Back to the present and I am quite often asked how to change the default label style in Civil 3D as usual in Civils its quite an easy thing to do, below is a guide in changing the default style of the Surface Slope Label but you can apply the same methodology to other labels

    Start by opening the drawing template (remember that you should be using the UKIE template as a base for your own template).

    Go to the Settings tab on the Toolspace

    Expand surface

    Expand Commands

    Right click on “AddSurfaceSlopLabel” and select Edit Command Settings

    Expand “Default Styles”

    As you will know see the default style for Surface Slope Label Style is set to Percent Slope.

    Just click in the box and use the drop down to select the style that you require.

    Remember to save back as a template and all will be good.



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