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    by Trevor Clayton

    Coming to the end of another busy week, and looking at my calendar seems things will stay busy for the foreseeable future, while I have been out and about on my travels this week, I was asked a couple of times how can you add slope labels (tadpoles) to a corridor design, now I would usually create a video to illustrate the workflow but this is really easy just follow the steps below;

    1.  Select your corridor, so that the contextual ribbon is displayed:


    2.  Go to the Modify Tab and drop down the further options and select Slope Markings:

    3.  Select the Add Slope Markings and then just select the 2 feature lines of the corridor you wish to mark with the slope markings.

    4.  Just select the Style of Marking you require and select apply then OK.

    Hope this helps, as it's the simple things that we miss.



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