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    by Martin Phelps

    In recent versions of AutoCAD when using the copy command the default is set to produce multiple copies, so as many copies of the selected objects can be produced. Once the objects have been copied the command can be cancelled by either pressing the “ESC” key or by selecting another command which will cancel the last command.

    On occasions only one copy of the selected objects many be required, if this is the case or if it’s the user’s preference to only produce one copy.

    Using the “copymode” system variable will control the copy method.

    Prior to using the copy command, type in “copymode”.

    If set to “0” multiple or as many copies as required will be created, which is the default.

    If set to “1” only one copy of the selected objects will be created.

    This system variable is not new but easily overlooked and since it was a question on a recent course, I thought I would share it via my blog.