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    By Martin Phelps

    For AutoCAD users that regularly use polylines there is a new system variable in 2014, which allows the width reversal of non-uniform width polylines.

    Named “PLINEREVERSEWIDTHS”, it works in conjunction with the “REVERSE” sub command in “POLYEDIT” (PEDIT).

    Below is a polyline with varying widths.       

    In the command line type in “PLI” and from the displayed list of functions “PLINEREVERSEWIDTHS” can now be selected.

    Set the system variable “PLINEREVERSEWIDTHS” to 1.

    The polyline can now be selected to display the grips, right mouse click to display the menu; select “POLYLINE” then “REVERSE”.


    Polyline widths are now reversed.



    If the system variable “PLINEREVERSEWIDTHS” is set to “0” no change with take place when the “REVERSE” command is used. 



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