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    By Martin Phelps

    For those of you who have already made the jump to using 2013, you will have more than likely noticed the “AutoComplete” function in the AutoCAD command line; this can be a good time saver when accessing the commands via the keyboard.

    When accessing commands via the keyboard, the “AutoComplete” option automatically completes the command if you pause as you type, the pop up menu will display a list of commands with the typed characters, you can then scroll the list and select the required command.

    The AutoComplete feature can also be customized, by selecting “AutoComplete” from the menu after right clicking on the command line. The options are:-

    Auto-Append -                                 This will control whether the entry is automatically completed as you type.

    Suggestion List -                               Controls whether or not the “AutoComplete” list is displayed.

    Display Icons -                                   Controls whether or not the corresponding command icon is displayed.

    Display System Variables -           This will enable or disable the display of system variables in the command list.

    Delay time -                                        Controls the time in seconds after which the command list will be displayed.

    With the exception of the time delay function all the other option can be turned on or off by tick selection

    Right clicking on the command line will display an additional menu, from which the option “Recent Commands” can be selected; this will display a command history from which previously used commands can be selected, this is not new but can be very useful.



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