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    By Martin Phelps

    A caller to the support desk, earlier this week was having a problem with the display of the “Transform Gizmo”. Studio Max has always had an “Axis Tripod Icon” that appears at the base of an object. The “Transform Gizmo” is a feature that helps you move, rotate or scale the selected object, the gizmo changes appearance depending on which transform function has been selected. 


    If the “Transform Gizmo” and the “Axis Icon” are not displayed check the following

    1. Probably the most common and also the most overlooked is the “Show Transform Gizmo” command in the “View” drop down menu has been unchecked.


    1. Pressing the “X” key will toggle the gizmo on and off.


    1. The display of the “Transform Gizmo” can also be turned on / off via the “On” check box in the “Transform Gizmo” section of the “Gizmos” tab of the “Preferences” dialogue box which can be accessed from the “Customize” drop down menu. The size of the gizmo can also be changed in this section.




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