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    By Martin Phelps

    The majority of new AutoCAD users tend to select commands via the icons however, the more long term user may use a number of key board short cuts or key combinations, listed below are the control (CTRL) key combos some are commonly known and some are not so. These are also on the CADline Community web site, but with a bit more detail.

    CTRL+1                  Properties Palette on / off
    CTRL+2                  DesignCenter Palette on / off
    CTRL+3                  Tool Palette on / off
    CTRL+4                  Sheet Set Manager Palette on / off
    CTRL+5                  (No current action) used to be Info box
    CTRL+6                  DBConnect Manager on /off
    CTRL+7                  Markup Set Manager Palette on / off
    CTRL+8                  Quick Calculator on / off
    CTRL+9                  Close Restore Command line
    CTRL+0                  Clear Screen on / off

    CTRL+A                 Selects all objects in drawing except those on a frozen layer
    CTRL+B                 Toggles Snap on / off
    CTRL+C                 Copies objects to the Clipboard
    CTRL+SHIFT+C      Copies objects to the Clipboard with  a Base Point
    CTRL+D                 Toggles Dynamic UCS on / off
    CTRL+E                  Cycles through isometric planes top, left and right
    CTRL+F                  Toggles running Object Snaps on / off
    CTRL+G                 Toggles Grid on /off
    CTRL+H                  Toggles PICKSTYLE on /off
    CTRL+J                   Activates last command
    CTRL+K                  Executes Hyperlink command
    CTRL+L                  Toggles Ortho on / off
    CTRL+M                 (No current action)
    CTRL+N                 Creates a new drawing
    CTRL+O                 Opens an existing drawing
    CTRL+P                  Prints current drawing
    CTRL+Q                 Exits AutoCAD
    CTRL+R                 Cycles layout viewports (Great tip)
    CTRL+S                  Saves current drawing
    CTRL+SHIFT+S      Save as (save current file as)
    CTRL+T                  Toggles the Tablet on /off
    CTRL+V                  Pastes objects or data from Clipboard
    CTRL+SHIFT+V      Pastes objects or data from Clipboard as Block
    CTRL+X                  Cuts objects to Clipboard
    CTRL+Y                  Redo
    CTRL+Z                  Undo
    CTRL+[                   Cancels current command (but why not just use escape key)
    CTRL+\                   Cancels current command (but why not just use escape key)