Selection Tips in Inventor 2014 – Invert and Box Select

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Two simple selection tips for you today: 

1)      Selection box dragging. When dragging a box to select in Inventor (either sketch geometry or components in an assembly) , did you know that you’ll get a different result depending on your drag direction? Well – try it out! Drag from left to right and you’ll only select items that are fully enclosed by the box, drag from right to left and you’ll get anything partially enclosed as well.  

And after racking my brain for days to think of a memory rhyme for this (like the guitarist’s favourite Even A Drummer Gets Better Eventually mnemonic for string tuning). The best I have is a shoddy ‘Left complete, Right slight’. Which only half rhymes. On to selection tip 2.

2)     Invert your current selection. (Only when selecting components within an assembly). 

Use this before the ‘isolate’ tool (RMB, isolate on any component selection) to help when creating view representations, levels of detail, screenshots etc.

Note that you won’t be able to use Invert Selection to select components that aren’t visible!

I hope this helps!

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