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    by Luke Davenport

    Snappy Inventor tip of the day:

    A lot of people know that you can auto-balloon your assembly drawings (see Cadline white paper MS2011019), but what if you have balloons across multiple sheets on a large assembly drawing - how do you make sure no components are unballooned? 

    Double click on the parts list to edit it and the left hand side column will show a balloon symbol if a balloon currently exists for that component. As you can see in the parts list below, I have done a pretty shoddy job of fully ballooning this drawing!

    The good news is that it WILL pick up balloons from any sheet on the drawing - the bad news is that it won't tell you if there is more than 1 balloon. Maybe someone will write some iLogic code to allow checking for duplicates at some point.

    Also worth mentioning - if you want the parts list to only display the ballooned items, click on 'filters' and select 'ballooned items only'. 'Til next time...




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