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    By Luke Davenport

    This brilliant tool was produced by the Autodesk Being Inventive team a while back, but they have just added some much-requested functionality. Now for Inventor 2011 to 2013 you can:

    1)      Import an iLogic rule from an existing Inventor file (no need to copy and paste the rule into a text file any more).

    2)      Have the option of deleting the rule immediately after running it, to perform a quick ‘one off only’ operation.

    3)      Specify that the rules should be added to Inventor dwg files (in addition to the already available .ipt, .iam and .idw files.

    The options remain to set the event triggers for the rule, overwrite any existing rules with the same name and run the rule immediately after it is added. Superb stuff! Download it here:

    http://beinginventive.typepad.com/files/CodeInjector/Code Injector.zip