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    By Kim Hyde

    I have recently received a couple of support calls regarding creating section drawings from Inventor designs containing Tube & Pipe runs and customers finding it difficult to include the pipes and fittings in the section views, so I thought it be best to share the following in a `How to’  Blog!

    The first thing to be aware of is a setting for sectioning standard parts in Inventor’s drawing view dialog.

    (Standard Parts refers to Content Centre parts).  Set this to `Always’ on the Display Options tab.

    Turning on sectioning for pipes or pipe components within the Tube & Pipe runs involves accessing sectioning options via Inventor’s Browser in the drawing environment.  You will need to expand a relevant view and right-click select each pipe run you wish to include sectioning (see image below).  Another tip here in this example shows the ability to also include the pipe-route centreline for the selected run.

    Finally, remember too that you can edit each section line set for style settings for scale, colour etc.




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