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    by Kim Hyde

    Whether you are using the latest Autodesk data management or CAD product and you are struggling to get the license working, or perhaps getting the old `Failed to acquire a license’ message, then you need to install the latest iteration of Autodesk’s Network License Manager.


    To start (for good `house-keeping’) I recommend that any pre-2015 version is uninstalled and old folder and files are deleted. Older versions by default are installed to the following directory (note that license files and error logs may have been stored or created in a sub-directory):


                    C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager


    Installation of the 2015 version is either available on the Autodesk installation media, or can be downloaded from the following location:




    A number of options for different OS platforms and iPv4 / iPv6 variants are available to download.


    For more information regarding installing Autodesk License Manager, please refer to the following link:







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