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    by Kim Hyde

    Creating dwf files using the CAD application on checking files into Vault can sometimes be a hindrance when time is short.  This is particularly true on slower machines or when large volumes of visualization files need to be produced.

    The easy alternative is to use Autodesk Vault `Job Processor’ to create the dwf files in the background and just check in the CAD files, this can save a considerable amount of workstation time and effort. 

    However, some users may have experienced a failure by the Job Processor which is displayed as the following error in the Job Queue … "Thedefault Inventor project file is not set or could not be found".

    This can be frustrating, especially when you know the project file is in the Vault and you have set it as a default via the Options dialog box.

     The solution is to use an `Administrator enforced project’.  This can be set by the Administrator via Vault Explorer from Tools > Administration > Vault Settings.  On the Files tab, select the Define button to Define Working Folder Option.  From the dialog tick the box to `Enforce consistent project file for all clients’, then use the … browse button to select the project file. (see image below).

    The Job Processor should now operate without an error.


    Happy Vaulting!!



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