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    by Kim Hyde

    Those of you that have to remember a plethora of passwords and PIN numbers in the everyday use of Internet access and credit cards, surely will welcome having one less password to worry about!  (Luddites may be excluded!).

    The ability to log into Vault using the user’s standard `Windows Login’ has advantages in users not having to remember a separate password, it also offers relief to those of you with responsibilities within the IT arena to easily import users and groups from the operational domain … AND … of course with those who work where Windows login passwords are renewed quarterly, then this is a feature you will definitely want to use!

    Limitations of Use

    Windows authentication for Vault user logins are limited to Vault Collaboration and Vault Professional.

    Importing Users and Groups from your Domain

    User and Group information used in Vault is considered as `Global Settings’ and therefore can be entered via the ADMS server console, or via the `Client’ interface as long as you use Administrator privileges.

    For either User or Group information dialog, access the import feature via the Actions menu:

    IIS and Potential Problems

    It is necessary that IIS (a prerequisite Windows feature used by Vault) is configured to use `Windows Logins’ … PRIOR to installing ADMS (Autodesk Data Management Server).  Failure to do so will result in the following error message when the user attempts to log into Vault using a Windows Login:

    The following link refers to this issue: